The Love Letters project is a work in progress. In 2013, we’re doing a set of interviews, from which will come a series of magazine articles and several interesting art projects, and, in 2014, a book. Our interviewees are extraordinary; their awards, accomplishments, interests, grants, laurels, Ted Talks, books, articles, and works of art stack to the rafters.

We’re asking them not only about their own experience (and ways of working and thinking) but about this striking moment in human history. It’s quite a time-  the concept of nation states has been rendered somewhat quaint, the Internet is a living expression of the collective consciousness, and we’ve compromised the balance of our jewel-like planet. Our reliance on fossil fuels is dated, and the world is full of conflicts that strike most thinking people as counterproductive. We’re on the brink of re-entering space, but this time on the wings of private enterprise.

This is a good moment to reflect on who we want to be as we move into the future. We’re fortunate to know (or know well the work of) this incredible crew; speaking to as many of them as we can, and comparing their answers, seems like a good place to start.

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