Love Letters Interviews

Love Letters Interview phasePlease click to enlarge this so-far Cast Map for the Interviews phase of the project; things may change, but this is a good start. Different text colours indicate states of the interview process; some are already in process or have been agreed to in principle (blue) and some are still in the permission loop or scheduled for later (green). Some others have passed this mortal coil (pale blue) and I must work with the beauty they left behind. Others, like Michael Pope, Gerald Sussman, Elon Musk and Bucks Burnett (to name just a few examples) aren’t on the map yet, but will be soon.


2 thoughts on “Love Letters Interviews”

  1. I started out saying you are like heroic characters from a Kim Stanley Robinson novel. Then I see you already have him in the loop Good Call. I am becoming interested in this project

    • Kim is so cool. I haven’t talked to him yet but definitely plan to. I met him at Spacefest a few years ago with Carter Emmart, who turned me on to his work. I was enchanted!

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