The Love Letters project is a record of my life’s study and work of the curation of exceptional individuals. The book, which is  been building under the radar of my life for the past four years, is just the story of the process.

Andre Broessel on his studio rooftopArchitectural team member Andre Broessel, experimenting with solar spheres

For a suite of reasons, this connected web of people seems suddenly to have a common purpose: we deeply want to use our success, our education and our abilities to make a better world. No matter what our accomplishments to date, each of us feels a restlessness deep in our beings; we thought that in our lifetimes we would have been able to come closer to living up to our potential. We have so much more to give!

It can be frustrating to try to make an individual difference in large systems, especially right now. Our planet, our society, our oceans, our politics and our educational institutions are so silted up with noise, entropy and inertia that we have compromised our collective ability to recognize pure signal. Some sort of shocking action is needed, some beautiful spear of progress.

carter at seaglassCarter Emmart, NYC, data visualization wizard, Hayden Planetarium

We have ideas. Many new team members and advisors have been added, and I’ve got an ambitious plan. Together, our team is so mighty (and so loaded with technology to bring) that we form a committee-defeating machine. To our knowledge this has never yet been built at a large scale. Our intention is to convert all major American university campuses to green power, and to do it in under five years.

In conjunction with this, we have a suite of architectural and artistic pushes and grant applications underway – and possibilities at MIT that are blowing our mind. On April 1, we are submitting an application to the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s 2016 Challenge Grant. Read about it here!

On The Roof III With ArchitectsOn the roof of the Green Building at MIT with Peter Sollogub and Steve Imrich, team members from the Cambridge 7 Architects. Photo Josh Kastorf.

Catch up with us on our team site,, and follow that blog for news of our progress. This book continues on, documenting the relationships that have brought us to this point of cooperation.

This is our most current team roster, but it expands every day, as does our love and our hope for peace and clean power for all. Join us!

Team List final for Fuller Proposal