Kyle Cassidy is one of my favorite photographers.
Kyle Cassidy by Ken Thomas
Kyle Cassidy, photo by Ken Thomas

Kyle is easy to describe (intense, focused, efficient, a bit OCD, handsome, civilised, cultured and intelligent) but very hard to capture. He lives in Philadelphia, and travels the world (as well as his neighborhood) photographing rock stars, politicians, writers, actors, tattooed soldiers, film directors and mobsters… his photos can be seen on covers for the Philadelphia Weekly, all over the Internet, and in an assortment of books, including my own.

Kyle is on deck to shoot the portraits of Jack Wisdom (MIT) and David Robertson (St. Louis Symphony) and has already photographed Gabriella van Diepen in the Tucson desert for my book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, as well as several of our other interviewees for their own projects; he’s shot Doriot Lair, Ryan Anas, Lee Barron and Amanda Palmer many times over the years.

One of my favorite covers of his is for the book and record Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Kyle has photographed Neil Gaiman frequently as well, most recently for the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly.

Neil Gaiman shoot, Kyle Cassidy. Photograph by Amanda Palmer.Photograph of Kyle and Neil Gaiman by Amanda Palmer

Kyle is one of my favorite people on Terra to work with; he’s the first person I think of when I plan a photoshoot. Despite having known him for a while now, I admit that I’m as excited to interview him as I am to plan capers with him.